Notarial certification of translation

Everyone, who dealt with translation of documents got to know about the need to certify the translation.

Types of certifications and what are the differences

We offer our clients the service of certifying the translated documents both by the notary and by the seal of the translation agency. The simplest of them is certification by the seal of the translation agency. This is the service that allows confirming that translation of the text was made by a professional translator and the information in it is fully consistent with the original.

This service is in demand, since not all documents and texts can be certified by the notary. In this case, the seal of the translation agency is the only way to officially confirm that the translation was done correctly.

Price for certification with the seal of the translation agency  

This service in our agency is provided FREE OF CHARGE.

Quite often it is enough to certify the translation with the seal of the translation agency, but in some cases, it is necessary to notarize the translation.

Notarization of a translation is a process when the necessary documents are translated into the required language and certified by the notary. Notarization of translation is necessary to give legal force to the document.

As a rule, notarial certification of the translation requires more time and is more expensive, so we recommend our clients to specify in advance what kind of certification of translated documents will be required – notarization or certification by the seal of the translation agency.

NB! To certify the translation, photocopies or scanned documents with seals, stamps and signatures are not accepted. It is necessary to provide ORIGINAL documents or their copies, which are notarized.

Prices for notarial acts

  • Value of notarization for 1 document – Euro 5.00 
  • Notarial certification of a copy of document, 1 page – Euro 3.00 

There are two types of notarial certification

  • The translation is attached to the original document;
  • The translation is attached to a copy of the document, certified by the notary.

Deadlines for notarized translation

The process of notarizing a translation usually takes 1-2 days for us. 

How to order a notarized translation in Vilnius?

Bring the original documents or their notarized copies to our office located at: Vilnius city, Kareivių street, 19-196 (4th floor) or send them by mail.

You may get all additional information by phone: +370 698 04759,

Viber / WhatsApp: +370 698 04759 or by e-mail

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