Translation of criminal record certificate

A translation of a criminal record certificate (also known as non-conviction certificate, certificate of conviction, certificate of non-conviction, or police certificate) is typically required when applying for a job or a residence permit abroad. The criminal record certificate attests to the fact that the applicant has not been subject to criminal prosecution, conviction or pre-trial investigation at the time of applying. This type of certificate is issued by the Information Technology and Communications Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania at Šventaragio g. 2, LT-01510 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Translation price of a criminal record certificate

Our translation agency in Vilnius translates criminal record certificates for a fixed price of EUR 8.00 in the following language combinations:

  • Translation of a criminal record certificate from Lithuanian into English;
  • Translation of a criminal record certificate from Lithuanian into Russian;
  • Translation of a criminal record certificate from Russian into Lithuanian;
  • Translation of a criminal record certificate from Ukrainian into Lithuanian;
  • Translation of a criminal record certificate from Belarusian into Lithuanian.

A certificate of non-conviction that was issued in Republic of Belarus must be certified by an Apostille. Therefore, a translation from Russian/Belarusian into Lithuanian of a non-conviction certificate certified by an Apostille is EUR 10.00.

The translation of a criminal record certificate into Lithuanian is bound to the original document, signed by the translator and stamped by the agency. Translation certification is FREE with our translation agency!

Translations into Lithuanian do not require notarisation when they are submitted to public institutions or bodies. However, at the customer’s request, we can arrange for the translation to be notarised for an additional fee. To have your translation notarised, we require the original document or a notarised copy of that document.

Read more: Notarial certification of translation

When translating a criminal record certificate from Lithuanian into a foreign language, we recommend notarising the translation. We can arrange this service for an additional fee.
Please also consider whether you need to certify your criminal record certificate with an APOSTILLE – in most cases, if you are travelling abroad, your criminal record certificate must be certified with an APOSTILLE, translated into the required language and notarised.

How long does it take to translate and certify a criminal record certificate?

The translation of a criminal record certificate can be completed on the same day, usually within an hour, depending on the translator’s availability.
A translation that is notarised and certified with an APOSTILLE takes 1-2 working days.


When translating certificates of non-conviction issued in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, please always include the names as they appear on foreign passports or other documents where the names are written in Latin script.

If you need to have your certificate of (non)conviction translated and stamped by the translation agency ONLY, you can request this service remotely by sending a scanned or photographed certificate to
If you require a hard copy or a translation with notarial certification and an Apostille, please deliver the original document to our office at:
Kareivių g. 19-196 (4th floor), Vilnius

or send it by post or courier service to:
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Please call for more information:

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  • + 370 698 04759

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