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 “Tarptautinių vertimų biuras” is a Lithuanian Translation Agency based in Vilnius that has been providing translation of personal documents for more than 10 years paying attention to the accuracy of translated information, such as: names, surnames, company names, numbers, wordings, geographical names.

When may you need translation of personal documents?

  • When getting work permits and for employment
  • When studying at higher educational institutions abroad
  • When travelling to another country for permanent residence
  • When applying for a residence permit (for foreign citizens)  
  • When leaving for treatment abroad
  • When registering marriage with a foreigner

What types of personal documents do we usually translate? 

  •          Translation of passport,
  •          Translation of ID
  •          Translation of birth certificates,
  •          Translation of marriage certificates;
  •          Translation of divorce certificates,
  •          Translation of death certificates,
  •          Translation of family status certificates,
  •          Translation of school graduation certificates,
  •          Translation of diplomas,
  •          Translation of criminal record checks
  •          Translation of parental consent for a child travelling abroad
  •          Translation of driver’s licenses,
  •          Translation of power of attorney
  •          Translation of certificates, as well as translation of other documents.

Any foreign citizen who comes to live, work, register a company or study in Lithuania needs to translate personal documents into Lithuanian. You may need the translation of documents from the Lithuanian language into any other language of the world when submitting or sending any documents abroad.

All translated documents are certified by the seal of our translation agency. This service is free of charge! But mainly, if you order translations of personal documents for submission to foreign institutions, they should be notarized, legalized or apostilled, since without going through these procedures (depending on the requirements of the foreign institutions to which they are provided) the translated document will not have legal force in another country. We cooperate with notaries in Vilnius and, if necessary, provide notary certification of document translation, affix an Apostille on documents issued in Lithuania, and also provide consular legalization of documents.

Our Lithuanian translation agency in Vilnius provides accurate translation of personal documents with a quality guarantee of the work performed and maintains confidentiality of translated information and personal data.

Deadlines for translation of personal documents

Usually we translate a small personal document during 1 business day. If you need a notarized translation it may take from 1 to 2 business days. Translation of personal documents from Lithuanian into Russian and English, from Russian into Lithuanian and English, and from English into Lithuanian often takes from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

Our translation agency is a reliable partner whom you can trust. Please feel free to contact us if you need any kind of translation of personal documents!

How to order translation of personal documents?

For translation of personal documents please contact us at or call us +370 65247400, +370 69804759  (Viber / WhatsApp: + 370 698 04759), or  visit our office: 19-196 Kareivių st. (4th floor), Vilnius. 

Kareivių Str. 19-196 
(4th floor)
LT-09133 Vilnius
Mob. +37065247400


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