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Urgent translation - When may you need it? This may happen when you suddenly find out that in fact you needed this translation yesterday and a race against the clock  begins. Only those translators who have a large store of knowledge, rich experience and regular practice can translate documents urgently. We translate documents of any subject from all languages ​​of the world as fast as possible. Our translation agency in Vilnius has been operating since 2010 and during this time we have already done thousands of urgent translations. Our experts successfully cope with different tasks and provide fast translations in the shortest possible time. Our processional and well-experienced specialists guarantee the quality of an urgent translation. We deliver the documents to the clients always on time.  

Both individuals and legal entities can order an urgent translation. After getting acquainted with the materials, we will tell you an actual deadline for the work and discuss all the possible variants. We provide express translation services at an affordable price. Be sure, you will get your translation at a best price and within a reasonable timeframe. We are always available and ready to accept the orders for urgent translations.

We guarantee our customers complete confidentiality of all received and translated information.

What kinds of documents may require urgent translation and how quickly can I get a translation?

This is of all an official translation of documents and translation of official documents, for example translation of personal documents such as:

·         Translation of Passport
·         Personal ID Card translation
·         Residence Permit translation
·         Birth Certificate translation
·         Marriage Certificate translation
·         Divorce Certificate translation
·         Death Certificate translation
·         Translation of Criminal Record Certificate
·         Translation of  Parental Consent for a Child Travelling Abroad
·         Translation of Diploma
·         Graduation Certificate translation
·         Translation of Driver’s License,
as well as translation of other documents.

Timelines and deadlines for urgent translations depend on the complexity and the volume of text in a document.

The translation of personal documents from Lithuanian into Russian and English, from Russian into Lithuanian and English, and from English into Lithuanian will take from 30 minutes up to 1 hour. You can order an urgent translation on-line or visit our office located in Vilnius, Lithuania. An express translation of personal documents is done as soon as possible, while maintaining accuracy and a uniform style. We also take into account the subtleties and nuances of every language itself. Often it becomes necessary to perform additional procedures, such as Apostille affixing or notarization of a translation when translating personal documents into a foreign language. Our translation agency  will carry out all the necessary notarial actions for you, whether it is a notarized translation of a passport or affixing an Apostille. Translators of our bureau will urgently perform a notarized translation of document in Vilnius. You will get a translated document certified by a notary public. The documents can be legalised with the Apostille. Quality, convenience and urgency are the main benefits of our agency policy. We are responsive to the needs of our customers and clients. We know that urgent notarized translation of documents is required by certain deadline. Usually it takes us less than 24 hours to deliver you an urgently translated document. Note! You do not need notary certification when translating documents into Lithuanian and submitting them to state institutions.

How much more does an urgent translation cost?

Most commonly we do not charge extra for an urgent translation if we see that we really can do it in an extremely short time. All translated documents are certified by the seal of our translation agency. This service is free of charge!

How to order an urgent translation?

For urgent translation please contact us at or call us +370 65247400, +370 69804759  (Viber / WhatsApp: + 370 698 04759), or  visit our office: 19-196 Kareivių st. (4th floor), Vilnius.

Kareivių Str. 19-196 
(4th floor)
LT-09133 Vilnius
Mob. +37065247400


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